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Miteinander verständigen, zueinander finden, Förster/Förster/Bressette, epubli, 2012
Colorword Communication & Lexicon, Förster/Förster/Bressette, Lulu Press, 2012

This book is for anyone who has to write on a regular basis and whose writings need to reach and impact the right audience. It is also for „big picture,“ corporate identity and image gurus. It is also for those who want to communicate more effectively with co-workers, bosses, clients, friends and family. Lastly, it is for people who feel that everyone else is always „speaking another language.“ COLORWORD LEXICON Highlights: 15,000 colorwords sorted from A to Z, attributed to the four typological target groups. The 3,700 most commonly used words sorted according to the four colors! The Effective and Successful Strategy for Excellent Communication, Professional Style, Pleasant Climate and Attractive Words.
Colorword Thesaurus, Förster/Förster, Lulu Press, 2012

„Why bother making a time-consuming and possibly expensive appeal when no one is listening? Colorwords provides a straightforward, accessible way to understanding how to use words powerfully and to reach your intended audience. It allows one to construct the message that others will want to hear!

Erik M. Gregory, Director, Leadership Psychology Program, MSPP

Bestseller Image – verkaufen, beraten, überzeugen; F.A.Z. Buch, 2002
Senden Sie typgerechte Wort-Signale. Ein Buch für alle, die verkaufen, überzeugen und beraten müssen

Bestseller Image: Jenseits der „Guerilla- und Siegerherz-Literatur“ erinnert Förster an fast vergessene Tugenden. Die Hohe Schule: Sich selbst zurückzunehmen und mit viel Fingerspitzengefühl agieren.

Managementletter 1/03

Sympathie gewinnen – Erfolg in den ersten drei Minuten, Förster/Dittrich, Humboldt/Langenscheidt, 1994
Übersetzung: „Kuidas Sümpaatitat Voita?, TormiKiri, 2000

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